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"The Ring of Bears! - was created to unite all teddy bear related pages. It is open to teddy bear related sites only --- artists, collectors, bearmakers, or teddy bear retailers.
"The Ring is an inter-connected list of sites related to Teddy Bears. Each site displays a navigation code, Inserted By the Owner of the Site, which is used to move between sites.
"Sites must offer teddy bear content in order to be considered."

This is the working copy of the "html Ring Code" (NavPanel,) similar to that you will have on your page, owning only to this site
The Actual NavPanel is customized to fit your site and will be sent to you!
See below, "Collect the Ring Code - (After you have Joined!)"

The Ring of Bears!
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Feel free to navigate around the Web Sites.

It is open to teddy bear related sites only --- artists, collectors, bearmakers, or teddy bear retailers. Sites must offer teddy bear content in order to be considered.

NO hate, porn, or sex material allowed. This is a family related ring.

Do not copy someone else's site without permission.

After you submit your site, you MUST put the html Ring Code and Icon on your site. Your site will not be added to the ring until this is done. You can get the HTML Ring Code, both in the email that is sent out to you after you submit your site and also when you "get code" with the site log-on.

TIP: If you want the Icon to appear left, instead of above, the Ring Code you can delete from the Ring Code the codes which appear in the Notes - ( </tr><tr> )

The HTML Ring Code should go either on the sites Home Page, on the "Links" page, or on the "Webring" page. You have the choice!

Here is the Icon that you will require for the html Ring Code.

(HEIGHT="115" WIDTH="90")

You can right-click the Icon, and save it as teddy.gif into any directory,
or click the teddy URL then save it as teddy.gif into the same directory.

It requires: Transferring to the web space as teddy.gif
You should put the Icon in the SAME directory as the html Ring Code.

"html Ring Code" is sometimes referred to as "Navigation Panel", abbreviated "NavPanel".

The Hamburg "WebRing Team"
Peter & Christine Bendall
(ex David Nein, on clown business!)

What is a Web Ring?

"A web ring is a community of websites linked one to another to form a virtual ring. Each site links to the next, so that as visitors click to go from one site to another they will eventually return to the site from which they started. Generally, the sites are linked by a common theme or interest making surfing the web ring an ideal way of finding sites of interest to the web surfer.

" Web rings use links like 'Next', 'Previous' and 'Random' that enable navigation from site to site around the ring. Sometimes 'Skip' or 'Next 5' functions are included to let visitors 'hop over' a member site that might be offline.
Most web ring systems provide a listing or a directory of all the sites within a ring, which is known as the hub or list page. Such directories frequently include a description of each site, and a link to let the visitors quickly go to a particular site within the ring.

"What makes the ring function, is the 'navigation panel' (navpanel for short)! This is the panel that includes all the above links (Next, List, Random, Previous, Home, Join, and...), and is placed on each member site. "

adapted from World of Webrings, at 'Description.'

This is the Join Ring and Site Admin frames for the "The Ring of Bears!" ring!

Join Ring:

Site title
Description (max 250 characters)
Keywords (optional; max 150 characters)
For instance, the contents of the <META...> on your homepage.

Site entry URL
HTML code URL (leave blank if same as entry URL)
The following contain the Login and Password for the SITE!
Site ID (letters and/or digits)    
Do not use
a valuable
Name (name of the site's webmaster)
Email (email address of the site's webmaster)


Site Admin Logon:

Site ID:

Collect the Ring Code

(After you have Joined!)
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